Li-ion Rechargeable Battery - Prismatic

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery - Prismatic

Model No.︰18650

Brand Name︰Leonine

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰100 pic

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Specifications︰ 1. Cylindrical 3.6V/cell
ICR10450 300mAh φ10.0mm×45.0mm
ICR14430 600mAh φ14.5mm×43.0mm
ICR14500 700mAh φ14.5mm×50.0mm
ICR14650 1000mAh φ14.5mm×65.0mm
ICR17345 550mAh φ16.5mm×34.5mm
ICR17500 900mAh φ16.5mm×50.0mm
ICR17670 1200mAh φ16.5mm×67.0mm
ICR18650 2000mAh φ18.5mm×65.0mm
ICR18650 2200mAh φ18.5mm×65.0mm
ICR33600 4200mAh φ32.5mm×58.5mm
ICR42900 8000mAh φ42.5mm×90.0mm
ICR421200 12000mAh φ42.5mm×120.0mm

042035 180mAh 3.9×20.0×35.0mm
043555 600mAh 3.9×35.0×55.0mm
043482 800mAh 3.9×34.5×82.5mm
043048 550mAh 4.6×30.0×48.0mm
053040 450mAh 5.2×30.0×40.0mm
053048 650mAh 5.2×30.0×48.0mm
053465 850mAh 5.2×34.0×65.0mm
061048 180mAh 6.2×10.0×480mm
061948 450mAh 6.2×19.0×48.0mm
062248 450mAh 5.8×22.0×48.0mm
062248 500mAh 6.2×22.0×48.0mm
063048 800mAh 6.7×30.0×48.0mm
063058 850mAh 6.2×30.0×58.0mm
063067 1100mAh 6.7×30.0×67.0mm
063448 900mAh 6.7×34.0×48.0mm
063450 900mAh 6.7×34.0×50.0mm
063465 1200mAh 6.7×34.0×65.0mm
082248 650mAh 8.1×22.0×48.0mm
083048 950mAh 7.9×30.0×48.0mm
083448 1200mAh 7.9×34.0×47.0mm
083467 1600mAh 8.1×34.0×67.0mm
093448 1300mAh 8.8×34.0×48.0mm
093463 1700mAh 9.4×34.0×63.0mm
102248 800mAh 10.2×22.8×48.0mm
103448 1450mAh 10.2×34.0×48.0mm
103450 1500mAh 10.2×34.0×50.0mm
103463 1800mAh 10.2×34.0×63.0mm

LR143447 1.8Ah 14×34×47mm 50g
LR123582 3.0Ah 12×35×82mm 100g
LR206970 6Ah 20.5×69.5×70mm 200g
LR206990 8Ah 20.5×69.5×90mm 300g
LR2680105 12Ah 26.5×80×105mm 450g
LR2680125 15Ah 26.5×80×125mm 550g
LR15100150 16Ah 15.5×100×150mm 580g
LR2680145 18Ah 26.5×80×145mm 650g
LR3499139 20Ah 34.5×99.5×139.5mm 700g
LR3298140 30Ah 32.5×98.5×140mm 1kg
LR50110155 60Ah 50×110×155mm 1.8kg

R-Round corner
H-High capacity
Charge at 1C for 2.5hrs to 4.20V
Discharge at 0.2C to 2.70V
High energy density
High voltage and 3.7V of average voltage
Excellent charge and discharge cycle characteristics
Low self discharge of less than 10 percent
No memory effection
Wide operation temperature from -20¡ãC to +60¡ãC
Fast charge characteristics

Portable electronic devices,such as mobilephone,notebook computers,PDA,FRS,Lap-top PC,etc.

Export Markets︰ Worldwide

Pricing︰ Competitive

Payment Details︰ TT, L/C

Min Order︰ USD5000.00

Ship Date︰ 15 days

Standard Met︰ IEC/GB

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